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Track record examples
"Erik op ten Berg lives and breathes creativity and innovation. He's an expert, but more than that he puts his heart and soul into everything he does."
Gregg Fraley, Owner GF Enterprises
"I worked with Erik at 3 different creative sessions to develop a new businessmodel in de service/facility-market. The sessions resulted in very innovative business-concepts and better understanding and contact with potential clients."
Marc Van Den Elzen, Manager Heijmans Infra Management
"Erik is a great creativity facilitator. Very professional, focussed and always looking for new and better ways to activate creativity in groups. He can handle all groups of different size and backgrounds. It's a joy to work with him, share ideas and have fun."
Koen De Vos, Brainstorm Expert Brainssstorm
"Erik is able to summarize broad complex creative results to the bare essence. His professionalism and personal involvement has stimulated me and my people to create solutions beyond our imaginations. The results are still the base of our strategic plans."
Paul Smits, Commercial Director PigTek
"I know Erik op ten Berg as an extremely competent creativity coach and trainer. I suspect Erik lives and breathes creativity. His enthusiasm and passion make him a great guy to work with, while achieving great results."
Koen Peeters, Communications Manager Flanders District of Creativity
"Erik is an enthusiastic professional, who can inspire his target group. Immediately after the first time we have worked on the Roche-Project, I hired Erik for my own company to improve creativity and to strengthen our strategy. Afterwards we worked succesfully together on different projects with challenging solutions."
Raymond Borsboom, Owner O=4
"APG stimulates the development of creative thinking skills. In the last years we have been working a few times with Erik. During all those sessions we have experienced him to be a top professional managing a group in experiencing new creative ways to reach unexpected results.
We will be working with Erik in the nearest future."
Bert Boymans, Senior Beleidsadviseur APG

"Erik shows teams in a hands-on way that creativeness is not a word solely reserved for artists but he sets you on the path to think in alternative ways leading to better day-to-day performance."
Geert Deschoolmeester, Director Bancassurance ING
"In the past years I've worked several times with Erik. His professional AND creative approach inspire me every time again. He is able to identify the right method to get the best ideas from every person."
Danielle Berens, Brand Manager Novartis
"Erik has the power to listen, the skill to train and the talent to combine both to lead a group towards innovative solutions and breakthroughs in the many fields of an enterprise".
Emile De Decker, Project Manager BASF


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